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Art abandonment is the reverse of stealing.

The object is to leave an artistic creation of value, and photograph it without being detected. Some artists lurk nearby to see what happens. I abandon and move on.

On our recent journey to Paris, France we took the opportunity to have some Art Abandonment fun.  The first piece was left at the Holiday Inn near the Nashville Tennessee airport.


Several were left at various places in the Nashville airport.  This one was abandoned near our gate at Chicago O’Hare while waiting to board our plane to Paris.


In Paris we enjoyed coffee at le Parisien on the Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth in the 3rd arrondissement, and

Le Parisien

left a little something behind.


Another was left on a back wall of the Musée des Arts et Métiers along Rue de Vertbois.


This has become an international movement, so stay aware of your surroundings, you never know what you’ll find.

If you have found art somewhere in the world and would like to tell about it, you are welcome to leave a comment here.  If you are an artist who would like to participate in the movement please join us on facebook.

“Art Abandonment is a group designed to encourage random acts of art, left in various locations around the globe. The idea is that folks can make something and leave it for a lucky unsuspecting person to find. Artists can then post locations and photos of abandoned goodies…and finders can let everyone know that they are the lucky finder! O’ sweet abandon!”

The group on Facebook was started by Michael deMeng.

“So here is how to play if you wanted to join in:

  • All you have to do is make a piece of art.  (as simple or as elegant as you like)
  • Write a little note on it explaining that it is a gift 
  • Also mention that if the finder would like to share info about its fate they can contact you directly i.e. email.  Then you can share the info with us if you are so inclined.  Its not a bad idea to leave you’re web address contact info…you never know…you might have created a new patron.
  • Photograph what you’re leaving behind
  • Then leave it…walk away…run…try not to get caught.
  • Then on Facebook share the location and photo of your gift with the rest of us.  Here’s the group address:
  • Keep your fingers crossed that someone lets us know what became of it.  I certainly doubt that everyone will take the time to inform the group.  A few artists have already been contacted by the “finders”. – All quoted text is from the Art Abandonment site on Facebook.  Join us!

If you prefer you can use the contact email: we’ll be checking it often and share the results.”

This is a piece that I abandoned at Lowe’s in Paris, Tennessee:

April 17, 2013

April 17, 2013

Another piece abandoned in Paris, France.

Art Abandonment at Le Parisien, Paris, France

Art Abandonment at Le Parisien, Paris, France