Audrey Breed Artist

The most important element in anything I create is color and its relationships.

In a contemporary, Pop-Primitive style my figurative work appropriates and juxtaposes imagery and ideas from the American culture. My imagination is stimulated by what I see and hear on the internet.

My paintings are sometimes parodies depicting scenes that can be suggestive, ambiguous, and disconcerting. Favorite settings for these scenarios are bathrooms, kitchens and hotel rooms. Common motifs are cigarettes, cigarette holders and checked floors. I enjoy using irrational perspective and color for value. Figures in my paintings are often self-consciously staring out at you the viewer thereby including you in a scenario whose meaning is created in your mind, based upon your unique world/societal perspective.

Since receiving a BA in Art from the University of Hawaii-Hilo, my artwork has been exhibited in solo and group shows in the United States; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Paris, France; London, England; and is in private collections in 48 states and 16 countries.

Favorite mediums are oil, acrylic, watercolor pencil, and ink.


1997 – March – Pictures at an Exhibition – University of Hawai`i-Hilo,  Hilo, HI USA

1997 – December – Goddess Show –  Wailoa Center, Wailoa State Park, Hilo, HI USA

1997 – December – Art Off The Wall – East Hawaii Cultural Center, Hilo, HI USA

1998 – October Coming Out – Wailoa Center, Hilo, HI USA

My first solo show which was at the Wailoa Center in Hilo, Hawaii was called Coming Out.  Each painting depicted some type of coming out.  My fantasy images were reptilian looking, long before they were part of everyday conversation.

Coming Out art exhibit by Audrey Breed at Wailoa Center, Hilo, Hawaii.
Coming Out – Wailoa Center, Hilo, HI 1997

1999 – June One Step Beyond – East Hawai`i Cultural Center Hilo, HI USA

2002 – July – Recent Work – Puna Contemporary Art Center, Pahoa, HI USA

2006 – June – Recent Work – L’Autre Cercle,  Paris, France

2006 – July – Us on the US –  ABC Treehouse Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Audrey Breed Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2005
Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2006

2011 – Journeys and Transportation – Art With A Heart, London, England UK

2018 – June – We The People – m. Romero Gallery, Denver, CO USA

We The People 2018 m. Romero Gallery, Denver, Colorado.

2018 – July – Denver State of Mind – m. Romero Gallery, Denver, CO USA

Denver State of Mind 2018 m. Romero Gallery

2018 – August – Amuse Yeux – Foothills Art Center, Golden, CO

2019 – November – Passage – Women’s Caucus for Art, Niza Knoll Gallery, Denver, CO

2020 – July – Gone To The Dogs With Friends – Niza Knoll Gallery, Denver, CO\

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