The Black Pearl Goes Bananas – Josephine Baker

See the original painting at The Banana Museum in Auburn, Washington.

Painting of Josephine Baker by Audrey Breed The Black Pearl Goes Bananas
The Black Pearl Goes Bananas – Sold

Unframed 16 x 12 inch posters $19.99 with free shipping.



Author: Audrey Breed

I am an American/Swiss artist, born in 1951 near Boston, Massachusetts. In 1997 I received a BA in Art, Cum Laude, from the University of Hawai`i-Hilo. As a student I won awards in both 2D and 3D design. Since that time I have exhibited my artwork in numerous solo and group shows in Hawai`i, United States; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Paris, France; London, England; and on the internet. In a contemporary Pop Art style, my paintings appropriate and juxtapose imagery and ideas from the American culture. They are often parodies depicting scenes that can be suggestive, ambiguous, or disconcerting. The viewers create the meaning based upon their unique world/societal perspective. My favorite mediums are oil, acrylic, watercolor pencil, and ink. Less Education: BA Art University of Hawai`i-Hilo

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